GBNF TV airing and website up load policies for Eternal Life Notices, Soft View and Where my homies at; these specified categories are pay per view format. Our law enforcement and   U.S armed forces fallen heroes are public service announcements format. GBNF TV rotate viewing photos weekly, your initial Death notice, soft view and where my homies at; payments covers one broadcast viewing cycle [unless provisions were made by you to extend viewing for same day or continuous broadcasting.  Due to our large volume demand and orders there will be occasions where our clients love ones viewing photos are broadcast multiple times after the initial payment, and no continuous viewing provisions were made by client. [There will be no extra charge to any client for unrequested broadcast viewing.]


All sale transactions are Final No Exception No Refunds:

All sales are final once our clients execute the categories of their choice and make final payments for those particular broadcast viewing services irreversible and final.

Photos:   it is advisable NOT to send GBNF TV any original photos of your GBNF Love ones as photos or documents items cannot be returned. We recommend you up load your loves photo onto our obituary photo gallery as an alternative of sending actual pictures.


On all return checks there will be a $32.00 return item charge, [return item charge may increase without notice] depending on banking  return item fees. If your account remains negative pass 20 days your account may be turn over for collections.

Unauthorized or unsolicited viewing, broadcast ,publication of images of deceased individuals,  upon due notification  we will remove with deliberate speed the photo of decease Love ones  from our broadcast publication  and prepare a public apology for any in convinces such unsolicited broadcast may have caused the bereaved family members or friends.    Simply e-mail us or write our office informing us of the error and staff will correct the over sight immediately.


Members and customers are held responsible to ensure their love ones photo and information with appropriate payments are in our drop box a.s.a.p. To ensure a particular broadcast viewing cycle… GBNF TV currently have a first come first broadcast policy.


It is the policy of GBNF TV, TV me LLC and its affiliates, associates and assigned that members and customers are required to submit Death Certificate number of their decease love ones photo, submitted for airing.


It is the policy of TV ME LLC and all its affiliates / associates and assigned that Data entry information submitted to GBNF TV  by members / customers is  to be completed and submitted by the legally authorized family member or court appointed representative. All data submitted must be accurate and true. False information or fraudulent data input submitted to GBNF TV for broadcasting purposes will subject your account to be closed and membership to be cancel or suspended.TV ME LLC holds no liability for any false or misleading broadcast information viewed on air  or in our webpage any given publication. The customers providing all materials hold absolute responsibility for materials uploaded.

It is illegal to knowingly submit and or post false misleading information for public view. No slanderous or harsh comments will be allowed to be aired. Fraudulent information constitutes a third degree felony in the state of Florida punishable up to 5 years in jail or a $ 10.000 fine or both if convicted.


Typing your name on the appropriate signature line in any of the payment pages you are accepting all TV ME LLC Policies and conditions, you further attest your submitted information and that of your love one you provided is true and accurate and you release TV ME LLC it affiliates, associates, assign and the broadcast cable network of any and all liabilities of errors of incorrect photo or information. Your typed name on the signature line is considered your actual signature.


Having an account with TV ME LLC, aka GBNF TV gives you excess to our photo obituary guest book. You are able to leave condolences to the bereaved family members and friends.  Comments up loaded on our obituary guest book page must be tasteful and pleasant. No profanity allowed no ugly comments will be aired. Violators will be Blocked…from visiting our GBNF TV guest book obituary page.


Those holding membership with GBNF TV are entitled to receive a broad line of advertised discount service on most all add-on viewing items offered under our viewing categories. Discounts are not transferable and are only available upon advertised notice.

Programming and broadcast announcements and commercials policies:

Commercials are integrated into our viewing programming every 20 minutes of aired broadcasting, and will appear every 15 minutes thereafter. During some segments of our viewing programming there will appear sponsors announcements…[This portion of GBNF TV has been brought you by:] most other forms of announcements and advertisement will appear at the beginning of our viewing broadcasting programming or at the close.

Music selection and copy right materials submitted for airing policy:

All viewing music background is selected by our music director in studio. However, Members and customers, for an add-on fee may opt to choose their own music back ground sounds while viewing their love ones. If the selected music and lyrics is of the client own created material and composition we will need an executed release from the owner/ artist in order to be able to air copy right material, and if the composition / music isn’t copy right protected we would require written authority to air your creative musical expression. We shall be held hold harmless of any copyright infringement violations, as to all product , art work, music, lyrics, poems, rap, photos, all and any other material not mention in his disclaimer that is provided by customers.


By signing your GBNF TV application you are in effect executing a release to TV ME LLC, GBNF TV its affiliates, associates or assign and agents to air, produce, reproduce any submitted images or data, to be seen in GBNF TV campaign advertisement and commercials or other media communications without any further permission or releases from family members or court appointed representatives.

You further authorize TV ME LLC, aka GBNF TV the right to communicate data information submitted to third parties concern at our discretion.


GBNF TV broadcast airing rate to increase and add-on categories are subject to change with notice.

Each photo view is limited to 10 sec broadcast viewing time unless add-on is selected by members or customers to increase viewing time. Notice additional policies adoptions and condition may be incorporated and made a part of all applications periodically please check polices and conditions constantly. E-mails will be sent out alerting all concern of any policy updates and condition revisions.


If any portion, segment, paragraph, sentence, word or statements, MISUNDERSTANDINGS made in the conditions and policies of this document is found by a court of Law [jurisdiction] to be illegal or unenforceable, only that portion, segment, paragraph, sentence, word or statement shall be removed from the condition and policies of this document as if it never existed. The reminding portions, segments paragraphs, sentence, words or statements shall remain in tic and in full and legally binding effect.


Please Read Carefully

GBNF TV ™ WILL NOT be responsible for lost or damaged photos!

You can e-mail you Love one’s photo to


Gone but Never Forgotten TV Memorial™ Family Members Viewing

Mother/Son, Father/ Daughter, Sister/Brother, Uncles/ Aunts, Cousins.

***For pricing contact Jenifer Jordan or LaToya Broughton

786-424-1364 or administrative aid.


You’ve got footage of your Gone but Never Forgotten™ Loved ones, you want aired in a complete viewing package.

Please contact our Administrative offices at  PO BOX 1445 Miami FL 33147   (All viewing must be paid in full two weeks before airing) Upon successful payment you will be issued a registration No.# Please when contacting GBNF TV ™ staff personnel, refer to your assigned registration No.#


TV Me LLC WILL NOT/ CANNOT be held responsible for misprints, wrong photos, errors in printed text, omissions, false statements, slander / registration application;

Corrections can be aired on other dates:

If a lawsuit develops, all Attorney fees will be paid by you: The register, plus cost and production fees.


If any sentence, clause or statement in this Love one’s Registry is found by a court of Law to be illegal or enforceable; only that sentence or statement is to be stricken/ removed from the face of this document, as if it was never apart or included. However, all other phrases, sentences, clauses will remain in effect, and enforceable; as if the illegal or unenforceable parts were never apart.

Oath: You attest to the fact, all the information you’ve provided to GBNF™ on this Love one’s Registry application is true to the best of your knowledge.


You hereby further authorize   TV Me LLC , DBA, and Gone but Never Forgotten™ TV Memorial Studios to broadcast/promote the facial images of submitted photos of you Love one’s and further, any voice prints or videos, or printed text you may submit in this Registry application. To include, but limited to yours or other(s).

Note: All credit card charge back will accrue an 18% increase in cost over and above base production cost. All return checks, an 18% increase in cost will occur over and above production cost.